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How to Adjust Video and Audio Settings on Apple TV


Apple TV is commonly known with its capability to handle most of the setup which gives conveniences to the users when they are playing audio and video on it. Usually, Apple TV automatically detects any audio and video hardware, and then make some necessary adjustment to those settings accordingly. Although it can give you what is should be work for you with some setups, if you don’t feel that what Apple TV has done for you is right for your conveniences, you can manually make some minor adjustment to get the most suit you. There are controls and settings available for you to make some customization for viewing and to listen. And here is the tutorial to guide you through this necessary steps about how to adjust video and audio settings on Apple TV.

Controls and settings to customize viewing and listening on Apple TV

If you want to adjust video and audio settings, some checks and settings can be used to make some adjustment about how to change video and audio settings on Apple TV. With this video and audio settings, you can make several adjustments such as to ensure the output matches the native resolution of your TV. You can also send audio output from Apple TV to Bluetooth headphones or any other alternative speakers. If you need subtitle and audio tracks which are in foreign language content, you can choose any language you want to use from the available list.

Well, here are some necessary steps of customizations you can make to the viewing and listening of Apple TV:

How to set the language of audio and subtitles

If you need to configure the language of audio and subtitles, go to Settings, then go to “Audio and Video” and select the language you want under Audio Language or Subtitle Language. If the word you want to use is not available in the lists, the default language is used – it is the one associated with your region or the one that is selected in General Settings. 

How to watch Apple TV quietly 

If you don’t want to disturb anyone around you when you are watching Apple TV, there is a simple thing you can do to the Apple TV. It originally has a capability to lower the overall sound level where you can reduce the loudness of music and sound effects. If you need to make it work for you, you can turn on this feature while watching Apple TV. Simple you can start by swiping down to show the info panel, and then select Audio. Finally, select Reduce Loud Sounds to lower the overall sound level. While to customize this setting for all videos, you can go to “Audio and Video” and then choose the menu Reduce Loud Sounds.

How to send audio to Bluetooth headphones or AirPlay speaker

It is very straightforward and easy to send audio to Bluetooth headphones or another AirPlay speaker on Apple TV. You just need to go to Settings, then go to “Audio and Video” > Audio Output.


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