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Samsung Fear Of Repeated Battery Problem On Galaxy S8



  • Samsung will release a new note series: Galaxy Note 8. You can check the manual guide here.

Samsung is working to conclude the development of its new Galaxy S8, the smartphone that will make us forget the disaster of Galaxy Note 7, phone filed in August 2016 and withdrawn after a few months because of a problem with the battery, explode, producing great clouds of smoke and dangerous fire. Samsung had been forced to pull out of the market all Galaxy Note 7, offering refunds or replacement models to its customers. The company – which is the world's biggest maker of Android smartphone – had been criticized for having reacted slowly, minimizing the Galaxy S8 problem of exploding batteries and initially without giving clear information to its customers.

Huge image damage was and still is: why Samsung shall not misplace anything with the new Galaxy S8, analysts say, to recover confidence and interest from its customers. On the new model of the smartphone, there is still no official news, but some advances were published by the Wall Street Journal, which usually has very reliable sources within Samsung. The main new features of the Galaxy S8 will be moving the "Home" button, usually located below the screen, on the back of the phone, to carry out primarily to the task of a fingerprint sensor to unlock your phone.

Other manufacturers in 2016 followed the same path, eliminating the presence of physical buttons on the front of their Android smartphone; There are rumors for now very vague, about the possibility that in the future Apple decides to do the same thing with his iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Problems

According to the information gathered by the Wall Street Journal, the Samsung Galaxy S 8 will have a unique design with a curved screen on edge, unlike the two models with a different design made in recent years. The smartphone will be available in two formats, with different screen sizes as it does already for some years now Apple with the Classic and Plus its iPhone. But unlike the iPhone 7, Galaxy S8 will retain a headphone output jack connector-mini (removing it from the iPhone had led to many criticisms and complaints against Apple).

Samsung is also working on a new personal assistant for its smartphones, which could be called Bixby. At the moment there is much more information, but the server should perform duties similar to those of Siri on iPhone and Google's Assistant on phones pixels, made directly from Google. For now, the search engine society wants to maintain tight control over his personal assistant, hence the choice of Samsung to follow an alternative route. Over the years, Samsung has built much of its success in the smartphone market with Android, the operating system provided by Google and which developments do not have much control. It comes from the time of the existence of a "plan B" with an alternative operating system that Samsung could follow if there were problems with Google.

All the main manufacturers of electronic devices are very interested in the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence systems, an area-wide expansion and very promising, thanks to advances in computing power and the construction of "neural networks," mimicking the way they organize and manage information in our brains. In 2016 Samsung had acquired Live Labs, a startup founded by the creators of Siri (before the application was purchased by Apple) and that has an innovative approach to personal assistants and artificial intelligence. In recent months, several executives from Samsung have hinted that the Galaxy S 8 there will be features derived from Viv with different approaches from those of the competition.

Also because of the problems with the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung will unveil its new smartphone lags behind other years. It is likely that a presentation of the Galaxy S8 is organized by the end of March in New York will be followed by a comprehensive care because it could determine the course of the entire Mobile Division of Samsung for the whole year. At the end of last month, the company tried to get behind the failure of Galaxy Note 7, making public a final report on batteries taking fire and their suppliers. One of them is the subsidiary Samsung SDI co., which confirmed to have entered into an agreement to produce and supply the batteries for the new Galaxy S8. 

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