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Apple Introduces New iOS 11


It seems that there are fewer changes that we have between a version and another of iOS 11, but in reality, beta versions improve aspects of security and stability as well as adding small changes and innovations that can go unnoticed to many of us.

In this case, it is best to have a device with the Beta 2 of iOS 11 and another with the Beta 3. With this, we do not lack arguments to find the differences between both and as well shows us this video that we will see after the jump there are much more than we think.

We are not saying that these are new or spectacular changes, but if they are changes between versions. This is the video that shows everything Apple Pro in which you can see more than 100 changes and innovations in the latest beta version of iOS 11 Beta 3 released a few days ago.

But until the third presentation did not touch the turn of the iOS 11, the jewel of the crown, which will arrive in autumn. Its tenth version is in 86% of its devices, an achievement against the fragmentation of Android, a headache of the head for developers but, above all, a severe security breach. And, among the most celebrated, payments between people with Apple Pay. Dividing the price of a dinner will be as easy as sending a text message, and it will be verified with the fingerprint, he said.

iOS 11 Guide

After that came the turn of Siri, the personal assistant, which already works in 21 languages, also an achievement in front of his competition. "Besides, it has a much more natural voice," they remarked. At last, it shows the conversation and something also necessary, several answers. The most surprising thing was the language translation. Now you can say: "Ask for the account in Chinese," and pronounce it. Little by little, Apple wants to translate more languages, connect all languages to each other.

Some of these developments or small changes have already been reported by users through social networks, messaging groups, and others, but seeing the differences in the video is always better and makes the change clearer. In this case what they show are the small differences that exist between one version and another in just a couple of weeks (since the Beta 2 was released to the Beta 3) of time that Apple has to add the improvements and fixes.

Again remember that beta versions can contain bugs or be incompatible with some of the applications that we use in our day-to-day, so it is best to stay out if we do not want to have problems of any kind with our iPhone 7.

As you know, that in this year, Apple will release a new iPhone series: iPhone 8. You can read the manual and user guide here.

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